"As honest as it is entertaining, as wittily written as it is insightful, and essential as an antidote to all the misinformation about the raising, cooking, and eating of meat, Meat: A Love Story is not a polemic but a well-reasoned, well-researched addition to the literature of food culture."

--- John Mariani

Author of The Encyclopedia of American Food & Drink, and food columnist for
Esquire Magazine.

Meat: A Love Story

After spending a week working undercover at a slaughterhouse and being tormented by blood, the stink, and the squeals of animals being herded to their death, author Susan Bourette decided to go vegetarian. She lasted five weeks and thirty-seven hours.

Dissatisfied with tofu and lentils, Bourette wondered, Isn’t there a way to have my meat and a clear conscience too? It’s a question that will resonate with millions of happily carnivorous Americans—we eat more meat per capita than any other nation—who are unwilling to give up steak for soy but are alarmed about mad cow disease, E.coli poisoning, and the filthy, inhumane conditions on chicken and cattle farms.

On a quest for superior meat, Susan Bourette takes readers behind the bucolic setting of the famous Rockefeller farm, north of New York City; on a long, hot cattle drive at a Texas ranch; a whale hunt with the Inupiat in Alaska; a Canadian moose hunt; and behind the counter in a Greenwich Village butcher shop. Humorous yet authoritative, Meat: A Love Story celebrates the deliciousness of meat and the lives of the passionate professionals who hunt, raise, or cook it. With a deft touch, Bourette explores what it means to be a compassionate carnivore.